sociali_smallThe duty of a legislator is to represent each and every person within their district. I was raised in the Christian church, where it was instilled in me that it is the duty of only the Creator to pass judgment and to love and respect all people. It is the duty of an elected official to respect all and ensure that every taxpayer has the same rights under the law. The majority party should be more concerned with the civil rights of Hoosiers rather than focusing on divisive issues. Over the last two years, our current representative, her party, and our governor, have brought much embarrassment to our state on the national level. As a result, Indiana lost tens of millions in tourism dollars due to discrimination and what I see as bullying. I DO NOT support discrimination; I represent EVERY taxpayer!

Also, I respect federal law and a woman’s right to choose. While I feel that adoption is the best option, I believe it should be up to each woman, individually, to make this very personal decision. Furthermore, in cases of rape and molestation, I know that if it were my daughter, I would not want her to carry the child of the monster that put her through such trauma. As a legislator, I want to ensure that women continue to have the right to decide what is best for their own bodies. Further, I will never take actions that further deprive Hoosiers of preventative healthcare. The majority’s focus on removing funding from organizations, like Planned Parenthood, is spiteful, particularly when no state or federal dollars are used to fund controversial services, such as abortion. Irresponsible actions like these place low-income women in jeopardy by depriving them of critical medical care, such as mammograms and pap smears.